Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Spirit of Perseverance by Earl Jackson

A Spirit of Perseverance is a book I had the pleasure of editing and also publishing. I met Earl Jackson in passing and I knew absolutely nothing about him or what his story was. A mutual friend recommended me to Earl and it was then that I learned Earl's amazing and courageous journey. 

In this book, Earl retells a majority of, if not all of, the experiences he has had as a basketball player from when he first started as a young kid all the way through his college years and playing professionally overseas. I gained a huge amount of respect for Earl because he is truly a hard worker and an embodiment of the belief that, if you work hard, have faith, and believe in God, blessings will come your way. 

This is a book for anyone who is struggling to accomplish their goals and needs the extra push to believe that they, too, can do anything they set their mind to.