Saturday, October 18, 2014

Behind the Ad by Erica Jones

Behind the Ad is a book that I actually had the pleasure of working with the author on to edit. The book belongs to the genre of "erotica", but let me tell you, this book is a TRUE romance book. I really, really loved the story, and more importantly, I loved Bradley and Angie together as a couple. The idea that two mismatched people can come together under unusual (hint, hint!) circumstances and still find love gives me hope that some day I will find the person who I am meant to be with. Erica Jones did a good job of developing her characters and we really get a sense of who each character really is (I know right away who I don't like!). She, in a sense, lays it all on the line for the reader to see and in doing so, the story, and the love that blossoms before our very eyes, is that much more valuable.