Friday, October 17, 2014

If I Break by Portia Moore

When I first read the book, I wasn't too sure that I could get into it. I had long forgotten the synopsis and had no idea of what I was getting into. I actually almost put the book down! But then I kept reading, and eventually I learned Lauren's story.

This is a great example of what so many young women actually experience in real life. I found myself relating to Lauren just because I, too, wondered if I ever really knew the person I was madly in love with. What do we do when we realize how much of ourselves we have sacrificed and given to our significant other? What do we do when we realize that we no longer know, or perhaps never knew, the man we are madly in love with? Is it all in our heads?

Moore pieces the story together using flashbacks mixed with real time events to answer all of those questions for Lauren, and for myself as well. However, there's a shocking twist and the main question becomes: What's Cal's secret??????

With some minor changes to the editing, this will be a really strong book!