Monday, October 27, 2014

The Devil's Artwork: Faders Trilogy by CM Owens

If there was ever an honorable and kick-ass heroine, Arena is the true definition of the word! I truly wish I had an ounce of Arena's courage to stand up to those who misuse their power and abuse their social standing. Tomboys, rejoice! This is your book!  More importantly, I love a good love story and this trilogy is filled with them. This first book is filled with plenty of witty (and maybe slightly sexist) moments, and the budding romance between Arena and Kace (who is basically Tristan from the movie Tristan & Isolde), is quite entertaining to say the least.

What made this book interesting was simply the environment that the story took place in; I was under the impression that they had sort of returned to the medieval times, but there was also a post-apocalyptic theme of being controlled by the Fader. Imagine living in a world where something hovers in the sky and controls your fate. Make one wrong move and you are faded, you lose your life, and the people who knew you slowly forget their memories of you. Yes, exactly! So, go grab a copy and see how the trilogy pans out!