Monday, January 12, 2015

Where in the OM Am I? by Sara DiVello

This was an amazing book that I discovered around the same time that I entered the workplace, and I was desperately trying to figure out my calling in life and what kind of career I was going to have. DiVello took us through it all, annoying bosses, obnoxious coworkers, and a suffering personal life as a result. How much time do we really need to be dedicating to a job we aren't passionate about, or an industry that we feel forced to work in? Where in the OM Am I? is a great book about self-discovery and taking risks in order to ensure our own happiness. Packed with witty moments and humor (the actual funny kind!), I recommend this book for anyone who needs encouragement, or an extra boost, to take control of their life and make their own destiny. Thank you, Sara, for this well-written book!

P.S. You might spend a lot of time laughing, like I did! :)