Monday, May 16, 2016

Blood of Others by Rick Mofina

Wow! What can I say? This was a true thriller, and this type of work is one I haven't read in a long time! It is books like this that remind me of why I started reading--to get lost in the story. I like to consider myself a "modern day reader, meaning I read a lot of self-published books (on my electronic device, at that, too!), which don't always hold the same weight as books that were once only published through traditional publishers back in the day. What I liked about this book was how well-developed everything was. There were so many details, there were vivid descriptions, and the emotions were real! And holy shoot, do I use the internet for everything! Super scary! As for the characters, I got annoyed when my favorites got annoyed, I felt their pain, their passion, and their frustration. I must admit, I groaned when I felt they were being idiotic (too much Law & Order: SVU!) More importantly, I also felt the peace once the crime was finally solved and my favorites were vindicated. Keep writing, Mofina!

PS, Sydowski, you're an ass!

PPS, With the way the book ended, I definitely want the next!