Thursday, October 06, 2016

Me, the Biological by BR Miller

This book reminds me of another book that I read (Two Summers Abroad), and I'll give it the same praise here: this book definitely echoes Tuesdays with Morrie and Night. It shares many life lessons through a powerful story of three young boys through, what I like to call, a rare "flashback" narrative. While there is room for minor editing changes, when you think about who's telling the story, the writing style fits perfectly. The child-like humor shows through just enough to grant a chuckle here and there. An interesting tidbit, our names obviously play a huge role in the development of our identities; however, I can't even recall the main character's name. He was always referred to as, "Pumpkin", "Kid", or "Sport". I'm curious as to why this is, but for now, I'll just remember him as Me, the Biological.