Saturday, June 24, 2017

Child of Dust by Shoba Sadler

*Spoiler Alert*
Child of Dust was an amazing love story. It was something that I could relate to being that I grew up to a well-off family; Kim was obviously the character that I strongly identified with. The characters and plot were well-developed. In a brilliant move, the story had so many layers that were peeled back one by one in a creative way as the story progressed. I'm a huge fan of novels that speak on cultural themes; however, one thing that was confused me in the beginning was the switch up between the characters conversing in Vietnamese. Not sure if this could have been conveyed better, or if it was just an oversight (or a duh moment) on my end. At first, I didn't realize that Brian didn't speak English (because their convos were in English, duh), and I thought Kim was keeping his secret. Totally begging, but I do wonder if there is a sequel...