Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guardians: The Girl Book 1 by Lola StVil

Okay, let me just make one thing clear: this book definitely has the potential to be a huge hit and the next big teenage movie. And yes, I mean Harry Potter and Twilight huge! I really enjoyed reading this book and I was so glad that it was part of a series. The basic story is that a group of teenagers with super powers are responsible for saving the world, but everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong!

Regardless, Emmy and Marcus are my one of favorite literary couples of all time and I simply loved the book, no questions asked. StVil did a good job of incorporating humor and keeping the reader engaged page after page. The only thing that brings this book down is the quality of the editing, and I've actually reached out to the author about the editing problems found in the book. However, if you want a good read, a well-developed story plot, AND a thoroughly entertaining read, this is your book!