Monday, October 09, 2017

Click. Date. Repeat. by KJ Farnham

Okay, this book was clearly meant for me. As a serial online dater, I needed this! Obviously, this was such a relatable book. I have tried my hand at online dating, and it was more disaster (plural, really) than success. However, Chloe was a strong character with a great group of friends (well, one anyway) and a hoot for a mother. I really enjoyed this humorous story and can’t wait to see what Jess is up to next! If you have never dated online (lucky you!), I definitely suggest to reading this to appreciate good ole old fashion dating (and great friends, too!) that much more!

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

This book wasn't originally on my list; however, a few coworkers were reading it at work, so I went ahead and snagged the ebook copy. Now, this was a very complex and profound book. Once I finished reading, I instantly thought of the movie, Crash. This story had an amazing plot, fully developed characters, and a lot of tears (the sad kind!) and laughter (when appropriate) along the way. This is a book that really makes you start thinking about your own life once you are done reading. If you did just one thing differently, what would your life be like? All in all, I definitely recommend reading this book.

A Criminal Defense By William L Myers Jr

Holy shit! Absolutely nothing went as I expected it to. And that's a really good thing! Nothing is worse that a predictable plot. What I thought I knew? I was wrong. Wronggg! Dead wrong! If you are confused by my words, that's how damn good this book is. The plot development and the twists are so out of left field that I was kept on my toes the entire way. If there's a sequel, I want it!

P.S. strong characters, strong plot, strong writing, strong everythang!

Choosing Charleston By T Lynn Ocean

Haha, I literally could not stop laughing! This was a deliciously witty book that reminded me of good ole southern hospitality. Carly is a strong lead and completely brings the story to life. And Granny, oh my! I would love to read about her younger days. This book is for anyone who is in for a hilarious read with a well-developed plot and strong, memorable characters.

Tied in Knots by LJ Vickery

Okay, seriously, can Maity be any more adorable?? As you guys already know, this is my favorite gang of all time. How LJ Vickery keeps delivery amazing plot after amazing plot after amazing plot is beyond me! I would definitely love to see how the next book plays out. As always, Vickery has done yet another fabulous job of coming up with new twists that keep the storyline fresh and exciting.

P.S. Now if I could just be initiated into the gang that would be perfect!

Hubris by PA Wilson

What can I say? Charity’s personality and wit (read: that rebellious teenage/young adult sarcasm) won me over, and I’m super curious about her other investigations. I can definitely see this being an awesome series, and I’m already ready for the next book!

P.S. Shout out to White Spot - haven’t been to that restaurant in a long time!

That Boy by Jillian Dodd

Now, this is a book that makes me wish I lived the story! JJ seems to have it all. Don't you just hate (but secretly root for) girls like that?You know how you get that feeling that you’ve just come across something special? That Boy is something special. The tv show equivalent of this for me is One Tree Hill; for others, it may be Dawson's Creek. But back to the book...the plot was well-developed, super funny, entertaining, and full of teenager goodness along the way. I definitely want to know what’s next for JJ and Phillip.

FYI, I so did not have a childhood like this!!

The REM Effect by JM Lanham

For me, this book was hard to get into at first. I don't think this book is something that I would normally be into subject-wise (although I do love my conspiracy theories!), but once I got past the first few chapters, surprisingly, I got really into the story. The characters were all well-developed and I feel like I know who each person was, but I still craved to know more (in a very good way!). I would love to see Claire, the journalist, get her own series, so we can learn about all of her cool stories and adventures as a journalist. So, I’m super curious as to what’s next! Please note that if you are a reader who only reads certain genres or books about a certain subject matter, this is definitely the book to branch out with and learn something new!