Monday, October 13, 2014

Rejected but Still Prevailing by Keith Taylor II

RBAP was a great book! I really appreciated the way Taylor encouraged me to take a look at myself and my past experiences in order to determine how I have handled rejection in the past and how I could and possibly handle it in the future.

As someone who has been frequently rejected, whether through job interviews or simple requests for instance, this book has forced me to change the way I went about dealing with the outcomes of the various situations I mentioned earlier. Taylor shows us that just because we have been rejected doesn't mean we need to feel bad about ourselves; all we need to do is simply be honest about how we feel, even if it's only with ourselves, move on.

The biggest lesson I learned from reading this book was to identify my feelings, share my feelings with the offending party (if possible and appropriate), and move on. RBSP shows us that the outcome is not our responsibility. It is not our job to punish the other person for the acts they committed against us. The second lesson I learned was to not be childish in my reaction to rejection. When faced with rejection, we must be mature and Christ like. This book helped me move on with my life, and it can help you move on too!