Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In Albuquerque, Abandoned by Tower Lowe

Okay, I've given Tower Lowe high praise before, and I have to give it again. There are some authors who just literally tell you what happens to who and when. Person A meets Person B, and Event 1 happens, and blah, blah, blah! Not Tower Lowe! To be true to myself, I have to point out that there were noticeable editing errors that would be worth a second look. However, I still think Tower's writing is reminiscent of Maya Angelou's. There's culture and real stories and pain mixed in with her words. Not every author has the ability to fluidly include themes, messages, and motifs into the story in a way that's not only meant to entertain, but to teach as well. Hands down, Cinnamon and Burro are my favorite detectives, and I'm glad I got to help solve their latest case! *wink*