Saturday, October 18, 2014

When You Come to Me by Jade Alyse

I started reading this book a couple weeks ago and I actually really loved the story. I loved it so much, that I reached out to the author. I guess I really am a hopeless romantic, because I was rooting for Natalie and Brandon the whole time! Natalie Chandler holds strong to her Christian and Southern (black) values and she refuses to bend for anyone from what she knows is right (even her mother, might I add!).

Consequently, she is the example that young girls today should follow. I'm quite jealous of Natalie to be honest; to be so sure of herself and to know right away what she wants. She has the patience that I lack and she knows what it means to be a true friend, to listen to someone else and to be there for them in any way she can to help them through their daily struggles.

Brandon Greene, on the other hand, is the typical college white boy who isn't quite sure what he wants to do with his life, and he drags Natalie along for the ride that is his troubling and confusing relationship with Sophia, his current girlfriend (who we all know he shouldn't be with!). The nerve of Brandon, right?!

Follow these two young adults as they navigate college, the real world, racial conflicts, and fight to finally embrace and accept what they really mean to each other. Even though I would recommend some changes to the editing, this is still one of my top favorite books!