Friday, November 07, 2014

All Who Are Lost by Lindsey Forrest

What did I just read?! I actually have no idea what I just read and that's a good thing! This book was a very detailed and descriptive, as well as a well-researched book that tackled the problems of three different families. The character I most related to was Diana, surprisingly. On the surface, all I saw was the end result that produced the Diana I was first introduced to at the beginning of the book. 

But as the story unfolded, I suddenly realized that there were so many layers to each character as I learned the backstory page by page. What I learned was both ugly and horridly fascinating at the same time! Forrest wrote a shocking read that left no issue unaddressed and each chapter literally revealed something new to a already complicated saga. If Dallas and Revenge are your favorite tv shows, this book is for you!