Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Circle by Leon Maldon

Throughout this book, I was actually confused about CJ's sexuality; I tend to forget a synopsis long before I actually read the book. While I would have made some structurally changes to the plot and revised the editing, Maldon has developed some complex characters who warm their way to your heart. CJ, Iris, and Clayton (the three musketeers, if you will) show what true friendship is all about. They navigate the treacherous world of high school and the pressure to fit in, all while figuring out who the hell they really are. This is a book, simply put, about discovering what you want. The catch, though, is at what cost? Do you want to fit in on the swallow surface, or do you want to get down the nitty gritty core of your existence and truly be happy? Unfortunately, as Maldon demonstrates, deciding between the two isn't easy. All CJ can do is figure out which "circle" he truly belongs to.